Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's Eat On The Graves ...

This is an important and unique event eagerly awaited by families in the city of Singaraja each time Pagerwesi celebration day. In addition praying together in the temple, the family would eat together after the present offerings in the region arbor Setra (grave). This unique tradition is also happening on Pagerwesi day.
HUNDREDS Setra stormed the family in each village pakraman since the early days until the morning before.

In Setra, they offered arbor above the graves of their families. After the small ceremony was finished, the family eat together around their family graves.
The atmosphere at Setra also become crowded. All family members who have tetaneman (bodies of family members who are still buried and have not diupacarai Ngaben) will come to Setra together.

Setra area as if it be a whole big family and relatives and neighbors to greet each and each other just handed me the food they bring. "It's a unique tradition that carried hereditary and must be maintained," said Ardana, a resident who went with his family ngaturang arbor and eat together at Setra Pakraman Village in Jalan Gajah Mada Buleleng Singaraja.

Luh Sudani origin Banjar Buleleng District Petak said prayers at the Setra has become a habit every day Pagerwesi and Galungan.banten punjung Facilities he prepared three days before Pagerwesi. Banten arbor that gave to his family who have died contains complete materials such as Saur, belayag, rambanan vegetables, and beverages.

"What can we eat at our house today We give to family members who have died but have not cremation. " he said.According Sudani, the Setra current prayer habits Pagerwesi this is the last prayer procession after the previous put offerings in merajan and deliver to public temple

All the facilities offerings arbor dined with family members and relatives. It is believed that this arbor offerings should not be taken home again, because the offerings are gave for human souls who have not cremation (Ngaben). "When people die who have not ngaben it 'still filthy'.

In addition to the Setra Pakraman Village Buleleng, people also seem crowded prayer at Setra Banyuasri Buleleng District. The atmosphere is not much different, the people who come to deliver to the Setra arbor offerings to families and relatives who had died but not yet aben.The goal is not to beg kerahayuan and families left behind are given good guidance in daily life.

Village Council Chairman Pakraman Buleleng, Made Rimbawa, said the tradition of prayer at a time to eat together in Setra's been going on since long. Residents deliver to arbor for their families who have died do not become butacuil and interfere with the surviving family. In addition, the offerings arbor was also intended as an apology for the surviving family can not perform the ceremony Ngaben. The opportunity was then used by residents to eat and relax at Setra graveyard.


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