Friday, June 3, 2011

Sungkeman, The Javanese Tradition In Idul Fitri

There are unique way to the celebration of Idul Fitri in Javanese tradition. Kosher tradition of large family gatherings usually known by the term "Sungkeman".
This tradition is usually done among close relatives only. The core of the event is mutually apologize Sungkeman between relatives. Sungkeman not only done by shaking hands. There are a number of specific procedures that need to be done on this Sungkeman event.

Sungkem ordered from the elder.

The Presiden of Indonesia "Sungkeman" to His Mother in Idul fitri

Sungkem done in sequences from the elder.For example in a large family is Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, Children of Aunt, Son Of Uncle, then the sequence of Sungkeman is :
The Wife of President of Indonesia, Sungkeman to Her Husband
- Aunt sungkem to the grandfather, then to grandma
- Uncle sungkem to the grandfather, then grandmother, then to Aunt.
- Children of Aunt sungkem to the grandfather, then grandmother, then to Aunt, then to Uncle.
- And continue snaking up to all members of a large family already Sungkeman.

Procedure when Sungkeman.

Sungkeman done by bowing his head to knee the elder relatives. Here are examples of the content of the spoken sentence when Sungkeman:

“Ngaturaken sugeng riyadi, nyuwun pangapunten atas sadaya kalepatan kula, nyuwun pangestunipun”

which means

“"Saying merry, forgive me for all my mistakes, and ask his blessing prayer."
Usually, the sentence will be answered with an apology back and connected with a prayer of the elder relatives and shared by the sungkem. And it certainly did not escape the use of the Java language level appropriate age level.

Division of  Money in Envelope.

commonly called "salam tempel". Usually the division is done after completion event angpau Sungkeman.
Angpau given from people who have worked to a person who has not worked. So, despite working age but not yet working, he may accept angpau. Vice versa, although still young and already working, it no longer receives angpau, and recommended giving angpau to relatives who have not worked or are still small.

Then, only then proceed to the neighboring lawful gatherings. After Sungkeman finished, all the family back together and enjoy a dish that has been prepared in advance widths while mingle.The formations and cheerful laughter again fills the room of the family. Seem so nice huh?


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