Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Unique Life of Asmat Tribes

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Asmat is a name of a tribe in Papua. Asmat tribe known as the result of a unique wood carvings. Asmat population is divided in two, those tribe's people living in coastal areas and those living in the hinterland. the two populations are different in the ways of living, and social structure .the population of asmat tribe further divided into two parts, namely Bisman tribes who were among the rivers and streams sinesty nin and spare Shimei.

usually in a village inhabited by approximately 100 to 1000 people. every village had one bachelor house and many family homes. bachelor's house is used for ceremonial and religious ceremonies. family houses inhabited by two to three families, who have their own bathroom and kitchen.

Survival habits and foraging among one tribe with another tribe in the area of ​​District-Mitak Citak was almost the same. Asmat tribal land, tribal and ethnic Mitak citak have a daily habit of making a living by hunting animals in forest such as snakes, cassowaries etc.. they also produce sago as a food staple and the fisherman that is looking for fish and shrimp to eat.

They know the three concepts of the world: Amat ow capinmi (the reality life that happen now), Dampu ow campinmi (the world of spirits who have died), and Safar (heaven). For the sake of saving people and redeem souls, the persons of Asmat tribe who's still alive had to make sculptures and statues, make some party like a bis party(Bioskokombi), masks party, boat party, and sago worm party.

bis statue is the most sacred statue. but now make a statue for the Asmat, not only the call from tradition. because the engraving is also selling them to strangers at a party when carving. they know, the hand-carved that they make its prices between 9 US $ thousand up to hundreds dollars outside papua.

Today, there are approximately 70,000 Asmat people live in Indonesia. Asmat majority of children were at school.

Sometimes we forget the presence of our brothers who were there. they were just like we have the right to nationality. live from us how to try to share to others


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