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Scarry Myth Unburried Corps on Trunyan , Bali

Trunyan Village is one of the original Bali village residents (Bali Aga) which still owns and uphold the customs and beliefs of their own. Population of Trunyan perceive their identity in two versions. The first version, they are the community of "Bali Turunan” (Bali Derivatives). They believe that their ancestors descended from heaven to earth. So that the Trunyan community has sacred myth or fairy tale that the origin of the population Trunyan is a goddess of the sky. The second version is that the Trunyan people live in ecological systems with a tree "Taru Menyan", which is spreading tree fragrance. The name "taru" and "menyan" evolved into "Trunyan" is used as the name of the village.
Trunyan VillageWeather in the Trunyan village is very cool, averaging 17 degrees Celsius and sometimes down to 12 degrees Celsius. Lake Batur to 9 km in length and width of 5 km is one source of water and a source of agrarian life of the people of Bali south and east. The uniqueness of the Trunyan village is treat the bodies of people who have died. Different with the Bali Hindu people in general who solemnize Ngaben for burning the body. In the Trunyan village, the body does not burn but only placed in the graveyard in a forest area. Strangely, the body will not stink out, despite being there for many months. Trunyan residents believe that it absorbs the bad smell of the corpses is Taru Menyan tree.

Trunyan Burial of the way there are 2 kinds namely:

1. Mepasah, the corpse placed above ground with the open air. Bodies are only given a fence made of bamboo. This is so that these bodies are not eaten by animals. The people who buried the way of mepasah, they are is dead at the time were men who had been married, people who are still single and children who have escaped his young teeth.
2. Buried in the ground. The people who died were buried after their handicapped body, or at the time of death there are wounds that have not healed (eg. the patient's body smallpox, leprosy and others), people who die by unnatural as killed or committed suicide, and child who has not loose his young teeth.

For the purposes of burial, in the village there are 3 kinds of Trunyan graves, namely:

1. Sema (cemetery) Wayah for citizens who natural death. Most northerly location.
2. Sema Muda to bury infants and small children or people who have grown but not married.
3. Sema Bantas for residents whose death was not natural, such as accidents or suicides

Trunyan VillageSema Wayah and Sema Muda located a little far away from the village, while Sema Bantas situated near the village of Trunyan. If a trip to the Trunyan village, do not be surprised if there are lots of human skulls scattered along the street. Because it's skulls that is the main attraction of Trunyan as ancient village and regarded as a Bali aga village. Also, do not ever take things that are here, because the stuff belongs to the people buried here.

East of Lake Batur. Precisely in Kintamani district, Bangle regency. Overland from Penelokan, Kintamani, only reached the Kedisan village. Kedisan to the village of Trunyan, people have to cross Lake Batur for 45 minutes by motorboat or 2 hours by boat mortar driven by oars. In addition to the water path, Trunyan can also be achieved by land, passing through paths the village Buahan and Abang.

The Story Legend Of Trunyan Village
One day four sons of the Sala palace, three sons and one daughter, left the palace. They want to find the source of the scent that wafted up at their residences.
The four men were walking toward the east. Unwittingly, they reached the island of Bali. When we reached the limit of the island east of Bali, which is between the village and kidnapped at the border edges Karangasem and Buleleng, fragrance was wafted increasingly sharp. Especially after they arrived in the area Batur.Ketika arrived at the southern foot of Mount Batur, the son of the smallest, ie a daughter, wants to stay in place. The purpose approved third youngest sister's daughter. Thus, the youngest daughter stayed in that place. Then he moved to the eastern slopes of Mount Batur, Batur temple where stood. As a goddess, she holds Ratu Ayu Mas Maketeg.

After leaving his brother, the third son of Sala palace on his way. When it reached a plateau in the southwest of Lake Batur, they heard the sound of birds. Because of the fun, the youngest son screamed with joy. But the eldest son was not happy to hear his sister screaming. He sent his brother to stay in place, but his sister did not want to. His angry brother. He then kicked her brother to fall in sitting cross-legged position, and became a statue. Until now in this place called Kedisan, still there is a statue of stone sitting cross-legged position.

Eldest son and second son then continued trip, down the east shore of Lake Batur. When it came to a plains, they met two women who are looking for lice. The second son is very interested. He then greeted the two women. However, the eldest son of her sister act is not happy about. He then told his brother lived on the ground, but this sister who did not want to. Be angry and kicked the eldest son of the younger brother to fall face down position and quickly abandoned by her brother. Furthermore, the younger brother was the village head in place. Now the place was known by the name Brother Hamlet.

Eldest son who lives alone to continue the journey to the north by browsing to the steep edge of Lake Batur to the east. Not long ago, he arrived at a plateau. In that place he met a very beautiful goddess. Goddess was sitting alone under a tree Taru incense, which is a tree that smells fragrant. The tree was the source of the scent you are looking for the fourth son of Sala's palace.

Eldest son attracted to the beautiful goddess. He wants married her. Then went to the eldest son of the goddess to woo older sister. Proposal is accepted, but the eldest son should want to be pancer universe or that local leaders. Eldest son agreed that requirement. After married and become a god, holds the Queen's eldest son Jagat Pancering Way (ancient term for the ruler of an area, either the Son or Daughter is called the Queen). The goddess, his wife holds Queen Ayu Pingit In Basic.
Under the leadership of Queen's Way Pencering Jagat, the area they inhabit developed into a small empire. Queen Sakti Pancering Jagat, then became king. Trunyan named his kingdom, which comes from the words Taru and incense, the smell of fragrant trees that spread to the island of Java.

After becoming king, queen Sakti Pancering Jagat misgivings. He was worried, lest anyone be in charge of kerajanannya as fascinated by the smell of incense tree . He then ordered that eliminates odor fragrant nose piercing it. The trick is to put the bodies of people under the tree Taru Trunyan Menyan there is lots there to rot in the open.

Since then the village of Trunyan no longer smell nice at all. The bodies of the population, which was originally expected to decompose in the open in Shema Wayan's funeral was not issued a sharp odor. It really is an oddity and wonders in the area.

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