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Bedhaya Ketawang, Mystical Dance With Beautiful Rhytm

Bedhaya Ketawang Dance is a very sacred and is only held once a year. It is said in it danced the Queen of South sea participate on the dance to respect to the successors of the Mataram Kings dynasty.Treasury Beksan (dance) tradition Surakarta Sultanate palace consists of various kinds.
Bedoyo Ketawang (Link)

Viewed from its function, the dance can be divided into 3 types. That dance has magical properties of religious, depicting the war dance, and dance that contains the story (drama).
Each dance is created because there is history that is affected by the atmosphere at that time. Various types of dance created by pengramu keraton (the Palace advisor) it's not he make by him self or imagination, but combined with input from the supernatural creature who has a good relationship with the royal family. So there are loads of mystical and magical.

Dance which has a magical-religious nature, such as Bedhaya usually exhibited by 7 or 9 young lady, while that was exhibited by 4 girls called Serimpi dance.

Dance origins Bedhaya Ketawang 

at first only exhibited by seven women only.In subsequent developments, because this dance is considered a special dance and trusted as a very sacred dance and then was exhibited by nine people.Unlike other dances, this Ketawang Bedhaya special originally demonstrated by palace courtiers Bedhaya Surakarta Sultanate.

Rhythm was audible over entire (smooth) compared with other dance like Srimpi, and in the presentation without keplok-Alok (applause and words or yell)

A Mystical Dance SRIMPI

It is said Bedhaya dance because this dance just follow and flow to the rhythm of gending instrument, like Bedhaya Gending Ketawang Ageng (created by Penembahan Senapati / founder of Mataram Kingdom) Bedhaya Gending Tejanata and sinom (by Sultan Paku buwono IX) Bedhaya pickaxe (By Paku buwono VIII), Miyanggong (by Sultan Paku Buwono IV), Duradasih (By paku Buwono V), etc.
Who was the creator of Bedhaya Ketawang dance itself until now is still confusing.

Video Bedhaya Ketawang Dance original on Mataram Sultan's Inaguration

Bedhaya Pangkur Video

Bedoyo Ketawang dance according to Your majesty Pakubowono X describe the love symbol of Queen of South Sea with Panembahan Senopati, all motion symbolizes the gentle persuasion and flattery lust, though inevitable Sinuhun, Queen of South Sea still begging for him go with him settle at the bottom ocean and rule in Sakadhomas Bale Kencana (Throne are entrusted by King Rama Wijaya on the ocean floor) and there was agreement / Sacred Oath of South Sea Queen and King for first land of Java, which can not be violated by Javanese kings or hereditary kings successor.

One source mentioned that this dance was created by Penembahan Sanapati, first King of Mataram, while meditating on the South Coast. The story tell, in his ascetical Penembahan Senapati met Kencanasari Queen (Queen of South) who are dancing.

Furthermore, the ruler of the South Sea is taught that dance to this Mataram rulers.
Another source mentions that Bedhaya Ketawang dance was created by Sultan Agung Anyakrakusuma (grandson Panembahan Senapati).
According to the Book of Wedhapradangga which is considered the creator of this dance is Sultan Agung (1613-1645), the greatest king of the kingdom of Mataram along Kencanasari Queen, ruler of the South Sea.

The story told, when Sultan Agung was meditating, suddenly heard the strains of a gising. Later the Sultan Agung have an idea to create dance movements adapted to the strains gising that he ever heard.Finally, the dance movements that can be produced with perfect then called Bedhaya Ketawang dance.

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