Saturday, June 4, 2011

Magical Dancing of Jaran Kepang, Who Dare Eating Glass n Fire

Doger / Jaran kepang orr kuda lumping is one of Indonesia's cultural richness. Jaran kepang art that has long been recognized by the Java community and all people in "nusantara"
Java Community gave the name on Jaranan tradition with jaran kepang,or jatilan and for society in some area in east java Nongkojajar it's known as Doger .
Although with different names, attributes and costume that used 2 dance , gamelan (instrument from java), and a typical rocking horse made of woven bamboo ridden by dancers lesson .

Jaran kepang is very identical with a mystical atmosphere, where before the show horse braid in Start a person to burn incense to invite spirits for later taken possession of some of the dancers so the dancers become unconscious of what they do.

in that condition theu can do like, eating fire, eating flowers, eating broken glass / porcelain, it's called "ndadi" , it meant to become.
A dancer who is possessed, eating glass in the yard Vihara Avalokitesvara, Pamekasan, Madura, East Java, on Wednesday night (4 / 11).Link

Performing Arts of Jaran Kepang is usually held at the time of circumcision or wedding celebration, the event for national holidays like Independence Day Celebration.
Eating burning wood
To give an idea about the art of braid or Doger lesson of this post I include excerpts show Jaran kepang art in the Village Pungging,Tutur distric Pasuruan East Java on one of celebration Villagers Pungging. Jaran kepang organization named Langgeng Budoyo Pungging, chairman Mr Riyamun villagers Pungging Kec. Tutur Pasuruan.

Here another video of NDADI in Jaran kepang (they eat neon lamp.......)


batu akik July 4, 2015 at 2:26 AM

bagaimana cara mengundang jaran kepang dari madura untuk mengisi acara perayaan pembukaan perusahaan yaa?apa ada Contact Person yg dapat kami hubungi?

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