Friday, June 3, 2011

Simple Instrument Music Karinding From Sundanese

Karinding, is the music instrument from Sundanese since 300 Years Ago

Made from old bamboo and dried palm or from the midrib, traditional musical instruments, categorized as a folk instrument is said already exist in the land of Sunda,west java since 300 years ago. Karinding, thus the name of a music tool that can only be played in one key tone.
 "If only the F key then the F course, if the key G yes G alone," said Dadang (42) the Community of Hong in the workshop at the event Karinding Bandung "Kotaku Hijau", Field Tegallega from Saturday-Sunday (2-3/8/2011). If you want to play another tone, continued Dedi, Karinding just need to control the volume air of breathing.
The existence Karinding probably unfamiliar even in Sunda it self. Although age has been past, but the shape and sound still feels strange in the ears of Sundanese people in general.

Karinding has three parts: the needle where the exit tone called cecet ucing (tail cat-ed), then limiting the needle, and the tip called panenggeul (bat-ed). Panenggeul if hit by hand will serve to move the needle. So, come out of Karinding distinctive sound.
In making Karinding through five stages of manufacture to be a Karinding who can really play.

"Of the five Karinding made in one day can obtain one Karinding most appropriate to play music," said Dedi. Karinding also stored in special equipment is also made from bamboo reeds that have air holes.

According to Dedi, Karinding can only be combined with the musical instruments of traditional music such as angklung. "Because Karinding have a light tone and low," he said.


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