Friday, June 3, 2011

Stone Jump For The Adult Of Nias

in My article this time I tried to introduce one of the interesting culture in North Sumatra is the only one coming from the island of Nias ; the stone Jump nias island. Maybe a lot of fellow bloggers who are not familiar with much less distinguished nias
name of culture and tradition in Nias, one of which could I introduce through this post is a stone jump, which is one of the most popular traditions on Nias island.
Nias district has its own tourism mainstay in addition to custom homes and Dance namely war Tradition Jump Rock or Fahombo the tradition carried out by a man wearing traditional clothes and local nias leap tall stone structure is composed of more than 2 (two) meters.The purpose soon is as a venue for testing the physical and mental health in male adolescents before adult time
Stones that have to jump over a monument-like building a pyramid with the top flat surface. Height not less than 2 (two) meter of width 90 centimeters (cm) long and 60 cm. The jumper is not just have to cross a pile of stones, but he also must have a technique such as when landing, because if he landed in the wrong position can cause muscle injury or broken bones.

The tradition of stone skipping has been made since the time of the ancestors, where in ancient times often happen inter-tribal wars that the young adults who have trained themselves to be strong and able to penetrate the opponent's castle which is said to be high enough to jump over.
Along the development era, this tradition also changed its function. Because today's wars are no longer happen, the tradition of stone jumping is used not for war anymore but to stage entertainment in tourist areas one of them in southern Nias and Nias district in general and also as a cultural symbol of Nias.

Once famous jump tradition this stone makes this tradition was immortalized in a thousand rupiah denominations in the early 1990s with a picture of a man of Nias, which was jumping the stone monument.Until today this tradition still exist in the middle of modern culture that increasingly squeeze. Hopefully we can preserve this culture to be proud to our nation.
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