Friday, June 3, 2011

Cat Wedding Festival in Tulungagung, East Java

Festival manten kucing (Cat Wedding) comes from a similar ritual commonly held in the Village Pelem, District Campurdarat,Tulungagung, East java, Indonesia.The ceremonial packaging was just a procession of ritual baths a couple of cats who symbolically arranged marriage at a local water source called Coban Kromo. The tradition of village residents was carried out while water shortages happen in Pelam..
Manten Kucing Festival held local government as one of the activities commemorating the birthday of (HUT) to-805 Tulungagung City, accompanied by shalawat hadrah
In a water source, and even then wed bride Mbah Martoyo as traditional stakeholders. Setaman flower water spray and smoke of incense accompany the marriage procession, witnessed consent residents. (Photo: Irul Hamdani)

Bride bathed by the village elders. (Photo: Irul Hamdani)
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