Friday, June 3, 2011

They Are The Real Owner Of Borneo ...

Various ethnic groups live in the land of the Indonesian archipelago. One tribes, known in Indonesian society is Dayak tribe Kalimantan. Tribe with cultural nature of this land is their daily activities farming, gardening, and hunting.

The term Dayak is not actually the name comes from the tribe but the title of the British people to the tribes who lived in North Borneo. Later, the term is known and spread throughout society.

Dayak tribes themselves prefer to call the identity of his tribe with the title based on place of residence. They usually live near the stream large rivers and Based on calls himself the name of the river, such as the Dayak who live in coastal areas Kahayan river, referred to himself as uluh Kahayan, uluh Katingan, which means people uluh Kahayan Barito,Katingan people, and the Barito.

Dayak tribe believed to be a native tribe in Kalimantan. However, there some theory that comes from the Dayak tribe China that migrate at 3000-1500 BC.

Some one who wanders into Tumasik or now known as the name of Singapore and the Malay peninsula. At that time, the continents of Asia and Kalimantan is still fused, allowing them to migrate by road.

In fact the Dayak tribe has ever empire. According to oral tradition Dayak tribe is the term Nansarunai U┼čak Java, which is a royal Dayak Nansarunai destroyed by Java or Majapahit empire. This is expected to occur between 1309-1389 (Fridolin Ukur, 1971). Sure, it makes the tribe Dayak kejadin increasingly pushed into the interior Kalimantan.

Typical weapon Dayak Tribe
Mandau Dayak tribes Wheapon
Sipet or Sumpitan
Dayak tribe is one of the wealth of tradition in Indonesia. Interest Dayak has a weapon very typical, among sipet or blowpipe is a major weapon round and 2-3 cm in diameter, length is about 1.5 to 2.5 meters.
There is a hole to insert a child called damek blowpipe. In tip of a spear made of mountain stone tied with and has woven rattan. In addition, there are places that children blowpipe called telep.

Besides sipet, weapon is the famous Dayak tribes saber (called Mandau). Mandau is the main weapon which is very sacred. Mandau is a weapon similar sharp machete. However, in contrast with a machete, saber has carvings on the blade is not sharp. There is also a saber that added to the holes in the blade is covered with a brass or opper to beautify the saber blades.

Usually this weapon handed over from generation to generation. Forms saber long with a sign decorated carved in the form of inlay and carving. Saber mountain made of stone carved and engraved with gold , silver, copper, and decorated with bird feathers or human hair. Actually, saber real name is long, the Saber Threshold Birang Bitang Pono Adjunct Kajau.


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