Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kelimutu, 3 Colors Lakes That Ever-Changing Color

There are outstanding natural beauty phenomenon like no other in three lake's crater which constantly changing color. Natural Wonders was built by geological activity in KElimutu mountain, Flores. KElimutu is a combination of the word "KELI" meaning mountain and "MUTU" which means boiling.


This volcanic lake are considered as magical and mysterious lakes, because it has 3 colors and constantly changing color. Earlier this lake is red, white and blue. In mid-2006 and occurred several times, especially two adjacent lakes namely Lake Spirits Youth (Tiwu nua ko'o fai muri) and Lake Spirits soothsayer (Tiwu ata polo). Young Spirit Lake previously green, in June last year had turned blue. While Lake soothsayer or Evil People which previously dark brown changing to reddish.

A separate lakes, Spirits Parents Lake(Tiwu Ata Mbupu) which has a dark green and moss, but then turns back to green,old evilman lake turned to dark brown, and the parents lake became blackish brown. A good time to watch the lake Flores is in the morning, because the fog usually blocks the view around the lake in the noon.

Lake Kelimutu (Flores) believed as a place of the spirits. On some occasions there is usually a ceremony of the local community and give offerings to the "spirit" which keeps the region. Local people believe that Kelimutu is sacred and give fertility to the surrounding nature.

Kelimutu had erupted in 1886 and left three crater-shaped lake, the lake is the third area roughly around 1.051 million square meters with a volume of 1292 million cubic meters of water. Boundary between the lakes with each other is a narrow stone walls that prone to landslides.

The steep walls of a 70-degree angle with a height of between 50-150 meter.Kelimutu has a relatively stable tropical climate with rainfall ranging from 1651 up to 3363 mm per year, the rainy season falls in December to March and the dry season occurs in October to November. Temperatures ranged from 25.5 ° - 31 ° Celsius with the minimum temperature reached 11.6 degrees which occurred in July-August. In the rainy season, all plants are green and lush during the dry season many plants that grow leaves. Soil and climate conditions are highly influential on the existing flora and fauna.

However, some society believe, changing the color of Lake kelimutu associated with predictions of impending critical events in Indonesia, or in Ende. "From the stories the old people used to, anyway if the color of lake changing menaing the lake is giving signal there will be a disaster. But it may also influence the weather that now rapidly changing, "said Yulita, villagers in Flores.

On 13 until May 31, 1997,lake Tiwu Ata Polo changed its color as well. than, the incident by some people considered connected with the fall of President Suharto in 1998 .

Similarly, the incident in December 2008 when Tiwu Ata Polo changed color from dark green to blackish brown, the events associated with legislative and presidential elections, as well as the earthquake in Tasikmalaya (West Java)and Sumatra (Andalas).


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