Friday, July 22, 2011

Play Fire Soccer With Burning Ball

Commemorating the night even of Nuzulul Quran, Islamic School in Sokaraja Assuniyah Lor, Banyumas, Central Java held a fire football match , Friday night (27 / 8) . the ball that used to play flame with fire (burning ball).. ANd in this game is played by female school student, Cheering the spectators encouraged the students that playing fire football

Fire Soccer or Fire Football  are really much different from general soccer.Only, the ball in fire football made from burning old coconuts ,

Berbeda dengan sepak bola biasa, sepak bola api tidak hanya mengandalkan kekuatan fisik, keberanian, kecerdikan, kepiawaian serta ketangkasan dalam memainkan bola, melainkan harus dibekali ketangguhan psikis dan kekuatan spiritual.

Unlike the usual football, fire soccer is not only rely on physical strength, courage, ingenuity, skill and dexterity in playing the ball, but must be provided with psychological toughness and spiritual strength. Before playing, the students must pass "special ritual" so that no impervious heat resistant and fire.

They have fasted for 21 days, the practice aurad-aurad (specific spell reading), which is read at special times, avoid foods that are cooked with fire or avoid food that containing elements of life  , and usually the last ritual is "matigeni" (fasting one day and night without sleep).

Setelah melewati ”ritual” tersebut, para santri memiliki kekuatan tahan panas dan tidak mempan api, sehingga dengan leluasa menendang, memegang, bahkan menyundul bola api tanpa merasakan panas, gosong, apalagi terbakar.

After passing through the "ritual" , the students have the strength heat resistant and fires couldn't hurt their skins, so they will play free kicks, holds, even heading a fire ball  without burn feeling, burning. As if the fire had been "subdued" and "tamed" so it's no longer dangerous, even used as a spectacle and games.

These games have been flipped the provisions of law and order of nature.The fire is supposed to be hot and burn, no longer submissive and obedient to the origin of events.

How to make the Burning Ball ?

  1. Prepare the old coconut and dry fibers.
  2. Provide well as kerosene.
  3. The trick: remove the outer skin of coconut approximately 0.5 cm, form a ball by using a knife. Holes in the coconuts to remove water, then puncture coconut fibers with the tip of a knife.
  4. Before it is used for attraction, soak it with kerosene oil for 30 minutes.
  5. At the time the game will start to pray: “Yaa Naaru kuuni bardan wasalaaman” (Meaning: "O fire, be cool and you survived").
  6. burn the coconuts, and ready to play fire football attraction


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