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Masterpiece from 15th Century, King Siliwangi Painting And Singabarong Golden Cart

Cirebon, is a city located on the north coast of Java island Indonesia , has many unique cultures and languages, here in this city, Sundanese and  Javanese culture combined, so that the mingling of two cultures, makes its own culture which is a Sundanese and Javanese acculturation.

King Siliwangi Painting
Watch the toe it's will follow the direction to someone who stare at the painting

Kingdom of Cirebon is closely associated with the descendants of  King Prabu Siliwangi from Pajajaran kingdom , and the picture here is a painting of King Siliwangi thats an unique masterpiece, because can be viewed in 3D (reminded me of the Mona Lisa painting in the Louvre, France).

Initially after the tour guide explained that this painting can follow the movement of people who saw it, I was a little hesitant, but after I slide to the left and right and watch the eyes movement and direction of his left big toe, I think it is also true, this painting techniques and the selection of his material is definitely very special, so people who see it made as if this painting have the eyes and toes that can be moving following from the sides of the watcher. ..How could this technology like this could be thought by the people who lived in the 15th century?

Golden Cart "Singa Barong"

Anything else makes me more fascinated by the triumph of the Sultanate of Cirebon,is the CART Kencana which is about 5 centuries old, made in 1500s, till this day The cart is still preserved intact in the palace museum.

the cart named Singa Barong has unique and exciting technology, such as body carriage that can swing the shape of the wave path (like suspension on sedan or any modern car), then the wings on side of the cart can flap, and the tongue of lion in front of the cart can protrude in and out.Almost all of the material cart is made of special wood that has been given supernatural powers (according to my guide).

Plus carriage drawn by four buffaloes, have a rear wheel of his fingers into, and sloped, so that when passing through the streets of watery / muddy, do not contaminate the bodyguard who walked behind the train.

I was so impressed, until now I still think and compare, in the 15th century the kingdom architects has been able to think of it, if the cycle goes positive and true civilization, should the people of Cirebon can beat other nations in making the vehicles. this cart also can turn the front wheel in 90 degrees, and some history expert from France and england assume this technology like "power steering" that modern car have.

The Garuda Mina Litter

Then litter to carry princes called Garuda Mina Stretcher, this litter has a head of Eagle and tail Fish named Mina, who has wings on either side.When the litter carried with the prince who resides in a litter, its wings will flapping , so it was like being in a sling eagle that protect him

This very educational philosophy, which heads the Garuda bird teach prince in order to think and act ahead and bring the empire to glory, while the fish has a philosophy that the highest flying, he should remember the fate of people who exist under the oceans or grounded.

So head there may be flying over the air, but should be aware that there are others on the ocean floor. If this philosophy was inherited by both by the leaders of this country, I believe this country will be much more civilized and advanced.

Exchanging souvenirs have become a habit for society since human civilization began, is no exception to the civilization of Europe and the Sultanate of Cirebon. Usually indicates how the souvenirs brought civilization contained in the country of origin, when Europe was on the rise of civilization in art, then the goods produced are similar ceramic products.

In presenting the souvenir items, usually there are also the values ​​that you want to share, as well as ceramic pictures, telling stories about the Prophet in the Gospel .Because the sultanate of Cirebon has converted to Islam, this souvenir remains well received and installed in the reception area of ​​the empire.

Due to unfamiliarity, installation of story in the Gospel is even not consecutive, so installed without a storyline and the relationship between one another.
In addition to ceramics from Europe, there are also ceramics from China, and other objects from India, Gujarat, and Egypt.All this indicates that the Cirebon Sultanate since the former has a relationship with the kingdom and empire in many worlds.Cirebon is gorgeous, a testament to the glory of beautifull people of Indonesia.
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